The World’s Smartest Convention Center

Scanalytics Inc. is partnering with McCormick Place to install a smart floor system across the entire 2.6 million square feet of exhibiting space, making it easy for the convention center to precisely measure usage, movement, interaction, and visitor behavior—anonymously—to benefit exhibitors, as well as improve the visitor experience.

With the Scanalytics sensor and software platform, data is collected in real time and available for historical and predictive analyses accessible via online dashboards and can be linked to other building applications, such as security, lighting and HVAC controls.

McCormick Place Exterior

Providing quality data to trade show organizers and exhibitors makes McCormick Place and Chicago more competitive in attracting conventions, events, and meetings.

– Lori Healey, Chief Executive Officer, MPEA

[Free eBook] If These Walls Could Talk— How IoT Sensors Are Bringing Life to Buildings

The Internet of Things is redefining how we understand and interact with physical spaces. Businesses across industries are using the latest technologies to capture visitor and occupancy data to make more informed decisions.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how “smart” buildings are centralizing their data with products like Scanalytics to streamline business processes, improve facilities management, increase occupancy safety, and maximize profits.

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The Opportunity for Spatial Science and Intelligence

Scanalytics provides organizations with the foundation they need to create a more intelligent space. When it comes to spatial intelligence, the opportunities are endless. Here are seven thought-provoking questions to get you thinking. Click below.

How much time does the average person spend indoors? 93% according to the EPA
How many square feet of commercial real estate is there in the U.S.? 87 billion square feet
What percent of energy do buildings use globally? At 40% of total energy consumption, buildings out-consume the industrial (30%) and transportation (29%) sectors
How much do “green” buildings reduce day-to-day costs? On average Green buildings a 20% lower maintenance costs than typical commercial buildings
What percent of office space in the U.S. is green certified? 41%
Which US city has the most green certified office space? Chicago leads with 66%
What is the industry average for time spent in a trade show booth? 7 minutes

Responsive Physical Environments

What would happen if all physical environments were created with the ability to react to their occupants and even predict behavior?”

Listen to Joe Scanlin, the co-founder and CEO of Scanalytics share his perspective.

Scanalytics— The Foundation for Spatial Intelligence

From retail spaces, commercial buildings and convention centers to vast networks of enterprise locations, Scanalytics offers innovative solutions to improve the experience and performance of any physical space. With over 80 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has been deployed across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Scanalytics’ proprietary algorithms and customizable platform centralizes and simplifies your data into actionable insights that allow you to benchmark, strategize and improve the effectiveness of any physical space. Get real-time and historical reporting and predictive analytics on visitor and occupant behavior trends down to the square foot including engagement, wait times, entrances, exits, path reconstructions and more.

Our Clients & Partners

Whether calculating conversions, analyzing the efficacy of a promotion, or forecasting staffing levels, having a cloud-based, real-time solution has been invaluable to our business.” 

– Noel Kegel, CEO, Wheel and Sprocket